Dennis Ashlee Rocking Horses

Traditional Victorian-style, hand-carved Rocking Horses whose elegance will grace the home and provide years of fantasy play for the children in your family.

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Hand-carved in  England

Hours of careful, patient work is spent in crafting every detail to make each Rocking Horse as realistic as possible.

A graceful carved head, with gleaming glass eyes, beautiful silken horsehair mane which begs to be stroked, flared nostrils and mouth slightly open to reveal a glimpse of the teeth. There is a leather saddle, authentic bridle and stirrups and a swishing horsehair tail.

The Horse is mounted on a hand waxed safety stand made in a choice of glowing woods with turned pillars.

A brass plate is mounted on the stand and can be inscribed with a special message. 

The Rocking Horse will sit grandly on display within your home as an antique of the future, and you will have the pleasure in witnessing the enjoyment of your children or grandchildren playing happily on the horse in that unmistakable 'world of their own. Once astride, their imagination will take over!

Special care has been taken to ensure that everything used in the construction of each horse is entirely child safe.

Made of American Whitewood, the Rocking Horse will withstand the test of time. With this in mind, a time capsule can be sealed within the body cavity of the Horse. Perhaps a family photograph and a newspaper of the day something personal, to be discovered by future generations.

Being hand-carved, each Rocking Horse takes between six and eight weeks to complete.

2002 Dennis Ashlee